Saturday, December 17, 2016

for 2017

people make resolutions every year, people make fun of resolutions every year, we break them, we set more mid-year..
either way you do, setting intentions for yourself is a great way to get inspired & achieve-big, small, any dream or desire. starting somewhere is the only way to get there.
i love the idea of using the new year to set your sights on something for yourself.
my 2016 goal was to stop smoking & i actually did it. july was the last time i smoked a cigarette & i haven't desired one since. the smell edit: stench of them makes me sick & now when i see young-er people than me smoking fresh outta high school, i want to yell & scream and tell them it's not as cool as they think. I'M SO GLAD I QUIT!!!!
anyway-in 2016 i definitely wanted to get healthier & i think i achieved that. i got a gym membership & i actually use it. i stopped doing yoga as much when i got the membership & started working fulltime, so that's something i want to start incorporating into my life again.
so in 2017 i want to achieve the forearm/headstand i told myself i'd achieve this year, start doing yoga again throughout the week and hopefully go back to school in the fall (bc if everything plays out, i should be able to)
i want to utilize my creative energies the way i used to bc working at a fulltime desk job- (while it's a blessing in this stage of my life to get me to the next one~~~)-it's just easy to work there all day & let your creative eye sink deeper and deeper into the dark. so here's to STAYING WOKE
andddd finally, in 2017 i would like to go full veg again bc it's so easy if i do a little bit of planning and cooking, but if i get lazy & eat last second, then i eat more meat than i want to. i at least want to fully cut beef from my diet, which should be easy considering i hardly eat it

what are your resolutions, intentions, goals for the new year?

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