Monday, October 17, 2016

woman skin

I would say
monumental things 
but all it would amount to is
emotional tugging
of your brain.
I'm a lady
so asking for respect is asking
to be treated
like a superior, 
or wanting
attention. Whore.
My name goes from taylor
to lil' mama
and because I am working I have to love
a corporation
more than myself. 
Phone calls turn to cat-calls
and it all sounds the same after a while.
My face turns blush when I ask for it
to stop
and my heart turns
icy when I silence myself.
My dedication is measured
by sex and when I don't
want to I accept
that I am not loving. 
I am not loving. 
When the words sink
in, dispute is my entrance
to understanding. 
Understanding then becomes
indecision because I think
I'll adhere, but it hurts when I do.
I feel guilt for leaving and
empty from my actions that once
looked empowering, 
but standing up for myself feels more like
standing on top of myself. 
The process is cyclical
and when I say these things aloud,
men and women still don't
get feminism. 
It isn't about hating anyone. 
It’s about wanting to feel safe

in my womanly skin.

*author's note: i'll always keep this posted because it is so important! i would go as far to say that i'm not the only woman that feels this way on an almost if not daily basis. treat women with respect!*

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