Wednesday, October 26, 2016

girl, 22, dying of most illnesses

taylor trevizo, 22, is not sure of most things in life, is quite sure of one advanced medical fact.
"i am dying from a number of illnesses. my life will end soon."
she has been sure of this for about six consecutive months, despite opening her eyes each day and carrying out day-to-day activities.
"i go to work everyday. i work out. i eat vegetables and stay away from most meat. i stopped smoking. but i am still suffering."
trevizo told us that, despite a clear MRI of her brain, she is certainly experiencing a life-threatening ailment causing her frequent head pain, explaining that despite her anxiety of every aspect of life, this cannot be the cause of her sicknesses.
"i'm beyond the point of fear. i have accepted my fate and am happy to be able to plan my own funeral."
when asked about her other deadly illnesses, she revealed that sometimes she "just feels funny".
"i can be staring off into the sun and then after i get these weird spots in my vision. they go away, but i am convinced i am going blind in one eye." she says she recently got glasses for one eye and knows this is a sign that she is aging far faster than most.
"i know that on the outside, i am just like everyone else around me. but i am going through the things people say won't happen to them."
she hasn't yet figured out the cause of her health issues, saying she comes from a strong familial background.
"no. none of my other family members has gone through anything like this. no history of anything remarkable in my past," she said. "but these things start somewhere. and they started with me."
trevizo has visited with doctors to rule out extreme possibilities. everything has checked out fine-the blood work, the MRI, and the eye exam visit.
"but you can't rely on just one or three healthy diagnoses. i plan to go for another eye exam and continue worrying myself sick. you can never be too sure when it comes to your health."

when asked about her plans for her increasingly fading future, trevizo says she plans to leave the rest up to god.

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