Thursday, August 10, 2017

girl, 22, hates smoking, keeps buying packs

Despite the warning label in capital, 'YELLING' letters, hipster wannabe and sometimes vegetarian for health reasons, Girl, 22, continues to buy packs of cigarettes.
"I usually get organic cigarettes on payday, but when I'm running low on cash and still have to buy cigs, I'll stoop to L&M or Marlboro."
When asked why she started smoking, Girl said it was because the cool kids were doing it.
Whenever she was at a party or concert she paid for, she would sometimes interrupt conversation with others to go outside and suck down a cancer stick.
"Sometimes I'd be having a perfectly great time with a group of friends, but if I saw anyone rushing outside to get their fix, I'd twitch a little bit and end up going with them, for the sake of going."
After smoking, Girl would simply resume wherever she left off, leaving a trail of stale odor and disregarding the fact that everyone else had moved on and did not want to rehash the events to a girl who couldn't find a lighter.
Girl knows that she contradicts herself when she talks about her health, but "it just isn't a biggie right now."
"I know that one day I'll stop, even if the more I smoke, the harder it will be. This is just a time in my life where it's convenient to smoke, so yeah, I'll do it."
Every time she lights up, Girl admits that there is a semblance of fear for her life, a flicker in the flame, but she quickly ignores it because "it's whatever."

Monday, July 31, 2017

paper ash

In the rush to tear me open,
you get a papercut--and your blood
stains me. 
Page after page of useless information 
I am pouring into paper
folding in half
in your hands. 
To be held, once more
Crumbled again
You'll read right through me,
not stopping until you're finished. 
Through with me, you threw me
Lit a match, lit a joint 
and now I'm smoking,
you're smoking 
Paper ash everywhere
I've settled
falling into your creases,
the laugh lines, the collarbone shelf. 
The many different times you look 
back and it was almost. 
I'm that dust lingering 

in all your closed spaces. 

Friday, July 28, 2017


spritz on old perfume
notes of the past
written on your wrist,
your neck, lingering
on your skin
briefly, so intrusive
you can feel the memory
the echo of the door he shut
when you chose to walk away
it fades
it stays
engrained on your skin
in the old perfume

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

summer !!

every thing goes by in a haze

summer is no longer endless
days separated so sharply

by school hallways and single file shuffle to the library
books we held to peek over at one another

summer is no longer
soak up the fluorescent sunlight

sluggish walk recycled air
sand replaced with linoleum
beach towels with paper towels

sun sick, heat sick, sea sick
seat sick, lethargic, your beach pics
make me vomit

summers, gone
the seasons of your life have changed

Thursday, July 6, 2017


we lose our innocence in the tides,
lapping against our bodies until we get knocked down

life takes away the purity we were born with
and in its place is permanence engraved

in memory of
all we wished to be

Thursday, June 1, 2017


there is a blank page before me in which i am to fill with words, inter-mingled and displayed in such a way to emit some sort of feeling from within, to evoke a disturbance beneath your skin, to dig down into your roots, in order to make you want to stay on this here page. but i am so tired of sharing spilled secrets and letting you crawl in the emptied cracked crevice of my heart space only to be told you don't like the peel or the bruised parts of the fruit. so slice away.

Friday, May 26, 2017



where you placed your hand
upon the expanse
of my architecture

you weren't admiring
my curves, but the ridged edges
and you didn't like what you could see

so you press against me.
but i did not stumble

you pack a hard punch,
enough to make me crumble

again-an explosion
amidst the rubble

story after story fall
until all that's left

now you'll be the architect